Alpine County Jail


The Alpine County Jail is a minimum-security adult facility located in Markleeville, California. Established in 1987, the jail has a 174-bed capacity and records about 2546 bookings annually. The facility serves the entire Alpine County and is under the administration of the California Sheriff’s Office.


The Alpine County Jail accommodates misdemeanor offenders from Alpine County who are unable to post bail or are waiting for their court appearances. The facility receives inmates detained by the deputies, the Markleeville Police Department, and federal agencies.


The California Department of Corrections is responsible for the management and upkeep of the Alpine County Jail.


Locating an inmate Housed in Alpine County Jail

Information about inmates in the Alpine County Jail can be obtained through the jail’s official website’s search page. If the required information is not available on the website, individuals can contact the jail at 530-694-2231 or send a fax to the same number. Crime victims can register for the California Victim Notification System to receive updates regarding an offender.

Dispatching a mail/care package

In Alpine County Jail, inmates are permitted to send and receive mail. The sender’s address should be included on the mail for delivery purposes. The mailing address for the facility is:

Inmate’s name and ID number

14777 State Route 89,

PO Box 278, Markleeville, CA, 96120

Inmates can also receive publications, but they must be sent directly from the publishers. Care packages containing items such as snacks, clothing, and seasonal items can only be obtained from approved third-party vendors. To obtain more information about care packages or if you have any questions, please contact the administration at 530-694-2231.

Providing inmates with financial assistance

The Alpine County Jail in California allows for deposits to be made into an inmate’s commissary account through various approved means. These include:



  • Onsite deposits can be made at the kiosk located at the lobby of the Alpine County Jail. Cash, debit, and credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment.
  • Online deposits can be made through JPay online payment system.
  • Money orders can be sent through the United States Postal Service, Western Union, or a reputable bank.
  • Phone deposits can be made using a debit or credit card.


These methods provide a convenient way for friends and family members to provide financial support to inmates while they are incarcerated at the Alpine County Jail.

conversations via telephone

In Alpine County Jail, California, inmates are allowed to make phone calls to a pre-approved call list consisting mostly of friends and family members. There are two call options available to inmates: direct calls via a third-party call services provider, or collect calls. To make a direct call, an inmate must first create an account and fund it accordingly. On the other hand, with collect calls, the receiver of the call is responsible for incurring the call costs.


regulations for visiting

Visitors planning to visit an inmate at Alpine County Jail, CA must contact the facility’s authorities to schedule the visit. The visiting hours at the jail are limited and visitors are advised to book their appointments in advance.


The visiting schedule at Alpine County Jail is as follows:


Weekdays: 7.30 am to 9 pm

Weekends: 7.30 am to 2.30 pm


Alpine County sheriff department

The Alpine County Sheriff’s Office is committed to serving the community and ensuring a secure environment for residents and visitors in Alpine County, California. The office covers an expansive area of about 1,100 square miles, with about 90% of the land being publicly owned. Since there are no incorporated cities in the county, the Sheriff’s Office provides comprehensive law enforcement services throughout the area.

The Sheriff’s Office is headquartered in the Markleeville office, which is located in a county building that is shared with the County Administration Offices. While there are no jail facilities within Alpine County, jail services are contracted out to nearby El Dorado County and Calaveras County.

The Markleeville office employs 14 sworn officers, with Sheriff Tom Minder and Undersheriff Chris Harootunian among them. The other officers perform a range of assignments, including patrol duties, narcotics enforcement, off-highway vehicle enforcement, search and rescue, and bailiff duties.


overview of alpine county

The Sierra Nevada region, located on the California-Nevada boundary, was initially inhabited by the Washoe people, a Great Basin tribe. The Diamond Valley, which eventually became Alpine County, was populated by the Hung A Lel Ti band. Jedediah Smith and Joseph R. Walker were the first known westerners to explore the area, but it was Kit Carson and John C. Frémont who brought national attention to the region during their winter 1844 expedition.

Alpine County’s infrastructural development was spurred by the discovery of gold, but it was the Comstock Lode near Virginia City, Nevada and the subsequent silver boom that triggered the county’s growth, even attracting gold miners from neighboring Nevada. Alpine County was formed on March 16, 1864, from parts of Amador County, Calaveras County, El Dorado County, Mono County, and Tuolumne County, and was named for its resemblance to the Swiss Alps. At its formation, it had a population of around 11,000, but this declined to about 685 by the 1870 Census due to the local silver mines proving unfruitful in replicating the Nevada silver boom. The population decline continued steadily through the 1950s. Silver Mountain, established as Köngsberg, became the county seat following the discovery of silver nearby by Norwegian miners. However, after the collapse of the silver industry and the closing of mines, Silver Mountain was abandoned by 1886, and most businesses moved to Markleeville. Jacob Markley established Markleeville in 1861 as a 160-acre claim encompassing a bridge and toll station, and it became the new county seat in 1875. The demonetization of silver in 1873 further contributed to the collapse of the silver industry.


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