Amador County Jail

The Amador Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division aims to ensure the safety of the public, correctional staff, allied law enforcement agencies, and inmates by providing appropriate housing for both sentenced and un-sentenced inmates. The division is also responsible for meeting the basic life needs of inmates, including access to adequate food and healthcare.

Moreover, the Corrections Division endeavors to offer opportunities for personal improvement and community service to inmates who express an interest in doing so. It must achieve all these goals while adhering to the standards outlined in Title 15 of the California Code of Regulations. Finally, the Corrections Division is committed to treating all individuals with dignity and respect.

The Amador County Correctional facility is designed to accommodate a maximum of 76 inmates, consisting of 65 males and 11 females, as per the state’s capacity rating.

Conversations via telephone

It is a legal entitlement for all arrested individuals to make three free local or collect long-distance phone calls within three hours of being arrested. Once the booking process is completed, the arrested person may use the phone to contact their attorney, family or friends, or arrange for bail.

The privacy of phone calls to attorneys, physicians, clergy, sexual assault counselors, or psychotherapists must be protected and cannot be monitored. However, all other phone calls may be monitored and recorded to ensure jail security.

Inmates may make collect or credit card calls from the phone located in their cell block day room or request an unmonitored phone for calls to attorneys, physicians, clergy, sexual assault counselors, or psychotherapists. Inmates may make phone calls between 6:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. for their convenience. However, all phones may be turned off at any time to maintain jail safety and security.

Mailing a Package/letter

Inmates are permitted to receive incoming mail from Monday to Thursday at the Amador County Jail. For inmates who have no money, the postage for up to three personal letters per week will be provided. Legal mail is not restricted.

To send mail to an inmate, the sender must provide a complete mailing and return address with their name on the envelope. All mail will be thoroughly checked for contraband. If an inmate tries to receive contraband through the mail, their correspondence privileges may be revoked.

The inmate mailing address at the Amador County Jail is as follows:


Inmate name, block and cell number

Amador County Jail 700 Court Street

Jackson, CA 95642

rules for visiting

The Amador County Jail is located near the intersection of CA-49 highway and CA-88. Visitors must make an appointment by calling the jail at (209) 223-6521 before visiting an inmate. Visits are scheduled for a half-hour per session, and each inmate is allowed one visit per day, with a maximum of two people allowed in the visiting booth.

Visiting hours at the Amador County Jail are on Fridays and Saturdays, and visitors are required to wear masks due to Covid-19. Visitors must schedule their appointment on the day prior to their intended visit. For Friday visits, the phone request must be made on Thursday, and for Saturday visits, the phone request must be made on the Friday before the intended date.

Non-contact visits are allowed for general visitation appointments, while contact visits are allowed only with special permission for inmates serving a 30-day+ sentence or for children aged 10 and younger. Inmates must attend parenting classes at Amador County Detention Center before receiving a contact visit with their children.

The Amador County Correctional Facility has the following visiting rules:

  •  Individuals who are currently on probation, parole or special supervision are not allowed to visit.
  • Individuals who have been incarcerated at the jail within the past 60 days are not permitted to visit.
  • Visitors who arrive late for their appointment will not be granted an extension to their visitation time.
  • Visitors are only allowed to visit one inmate per day.
  • A current, government-issued photo identification is mandatory for each visitor. School IDs with birth certificates are acceptable for students, and temporary hospital birth records are acceptable for infants who are 60 days old or younger.
  • Minors who are under the age of 18 can visit if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Proof of guardianship must be provided and verified before the visit.
  • Visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are disruptive during their visit will lose their visitation privileges.



 Violation of any of these rules can result in termination of visitation rights. Visitation may be suspended at any time due to security concerns.

Amador County sheriff department

The Sheriff Services Bureau is composed of an Administrative Supervisor, four Sheriff Services Assistants, and the Sheriff’s Secretary who work together to ensure the smooth and efficient operations of the office. Although each member of the support staff has specific duties and responsibilities, they collaborate to meet the office’s goals.

The support staff is responsible for various daily operations of the Sheriff’s Front Office, including answering non-emergency phone lines and transferring calls, maintaining a press board media bulletin, processing payroll, and providing monthly reports of Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Statistics to the California Department of Justice and Vehicle Accident Fatality Statistics to the California Highway.

Other responsibilities include records management, billing, accounts payable, and purchase order processing. The staff also processes reimbursements, including post and SB 90, and is responsible for processing, entering, and routing of crime reports and citations, jail booking/releases, bail bonds, and other court paperwork documents.

overview of Amador County

Amador County is a California county located in the Sierra Nevada region, known as “The Heart of the Mother Lode” within California’s Gold Country. According to the 2020 census, the population was 40,474 and the county seat is Jackson.

The county was established on May 11, 1854, from parts of Calaveras and El Dorado counties and named after José María Amador, a soldier, rancher, and miner who was born in San Francisco in 1794. In 1848, Jose Maria Amador and several Native Americans established a successful gold mining camp near the present town of Amador City. The word “amador” means “one who loves” in Spanish.

Amador County has numerous gold mines, including the Argonaut Mine, Kennedy Mine, Central Eureka, and Lincoln. Kennedy Mine was once the deepest gold mine of its time. Some of the Mother Lode’s most successful gold mines were located in Amador County, including the Kennedy, Argonaut, and Keystone. However, the federal government closed all of the Mother Lode’s mines in 1942 as they were considered non-essential to the war effort.

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