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Ashley County Jail

Ashley County Jail & Sheriff is a medium-security adult correctional facility located in Hamburg, Ashley County, Arkansas. Established in 1993, the facility has a capacity of 175 beds and receives approximately 642 bookings each year. Under the governance of the Arkansas Sheriff, the facility accommodates inmates from all over Ashley County. The Arkansas Department of Corrections is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the prison.


Locating an Inmate in Ashley County Jail & Sheriff

To find an inmate in Ashley County Jail & Sheriff, individuals can access the jail’s search page on its official website. If they can’t find the information they need, they can contact the jail through a phone call to 870-853-2040 or fax at 870-853-2040. Additionally, Arkansas Victim Notification System can be utilized by crime victims to receive alerts regarding an offender.


Mailing a Package/Letter

At Ashley County Jail & Sheriff, inmates are permitted to send and receive mail. The sender must provide a return address to ensure the delivery of the mail to the inmate. The mailing address for inmates is as follows:


 Inmate Name- ID Number,

 842 Ashley 12 West,

 Hamburg, AR, 71646.


 Inmates can also receive publications as long as they come directly from the publishers. However, care packages that include items like clothing, snacks, and seasonal items are only allowed from approved third-party vendors. If you have any questions about sending a care package, you can contact the administration at 870-853-2040.


transferring Money to an Inmate

To deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account at Ashley County Jail & Sheriff in Arkansas, you can use one of the following approved methods:

  • Make an onsite deposit at the kiosk located in the facility’s lobby. Cash, debit, and credit cards are accepted.
  • Use the JPay online payment service to make an online deposit.
  • Send a money order through the US post office, Western Union, or a reputable bank.
  • Make a phone deposit using a debit or credit card.


Rules and Regulations for Inmates' Phone Call Privileges

Inmates at Ashley County Jail & Sheriff, Arkansas are allowed to make calls to a pre-approved call list consisting mostly of friends and family members. The calls can be made through a third-party call services provider or via a collect call arrangement. For a direct call, inmates need to create an account and fund it accordingly. For collect calls, the receiver is responsible for the call costs.


Visitation Policies

To visit an inmate at Ashley County Jail & Sheriff, one needs to contact the facility’s authorities prior to the actual visit. The facility has a visiting schedule, and visitors need to be aware of it before planning a visit.

Weekdays: 7.30 am to 9 pm

Weekends: 7.30 am to 2.30 pm

Ashley County Sheriff Department

The Ashley County Sheriff is elected at-large for a four-year term and is responsible for law enforcement duties, including maintaining peace within the county. Additionally, administrative responsibilities include serving as the county’s jailor, submitting a budget proposal for the office, keeping departmental reports, and maintaining a jail docket.


 Jail Administrator: Johnny Guy


 Jail Contact Phone: 870-853-2040

 Jail Fax: 870-853-9822


Overview of Ashley County

Ashley County is the fifth-largest county in Arkansas in terms of land area. It was created on November 30, 1848, by the 7th Arkansas General Assembly from parts of Drew, Chicot, and Union Counties. The county was named after Chester Ashley, a US Senator and land speculator. The present boundaries were established in 1861.

The first settlement in Ashley County was Longview, a river town connecting the Arkansas Post and Monroe, Louisiana. However, there is no trace of Longview now. The French were believed to be the first to settle there. In 1768 or 1770, the Fogle and Gulett families claimed to have located at Longview. In 1846, Captain Phillip Derden moved from Virginia and settled at Longview. He ran a general store for pioneer settlers and bought furs and skins from hunters and trappers. He built a log warehouse and lived in a two-story log cabin.

Isaac Denson’s home in Fountain Hill served as the temporary county seat until a new centrally located town could be established in 1849. The county commissioners made the selection and named the new town “Hamburg” in honor of the “fine deer hams” enjoyed by the commissioners in the vicinity. The courthouse built in 1850 was replaced in 1905 but was lost in a fire in 1921. The current courthouse was constructed in the 1960s. The courtroom in the courthouse has a unique architecture; it is round, and the seats are arranged so that members of the audience can always see each other.


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