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The Coconino County Jail – Flagstaff Facility is medium prison office in the Coconino County and is arranged on 14 sections of land in metropolitan Flagstaff. It is located at 951 East Sawmill Road, Flagstaff, AZ, 86001 and was built in 1939.

The 71-bed office houses pre-preliminary prisoners. Notwithstanding its prison capacities, Coconino County Jail – Flagstaff Facility gives reintegration programming to male condemned criminals.

The security for Coconino County Jail – Flagstaff Facility is medium and it is located in Flagstaff, Coconino County, Arizona.

The monthly average of total bookings in Coconino County Jail – Flagstaff Facility is 174. The facility is supervised by 95 staff members.

In an average year, Coconino County Jail – Flagstaff Facility utilizes more than 35 prisoners in its in-office work lines to offer help administrations for its kitchen, clothing, and different activities.


Incarceration Facility

In December 2019, the Coconino County Detention Facility upgraded its Video Visitation System, providing a more convenient way for friends and family to visit their loved ones. The new system enables visitors to use their smart phones, computers or tablets from any location. They no longer need to visit the jail lobby to use the video visitation feature. Inmates receive 60 minutes of free video visitation each week, which can be used for any type of visit, whether it be with someone in the Flagstaff or Page jail lobbies, or via a computer, phone or tablet. The 60 minutes can be split into different visits. For those interested in setting up an account or learning more, they can visit, or download the free app GettingOut Visit from their smart phone or tablet’s app store.

Jail Visitations

The Coconino County Jail facilitates visitation between inmates and their loved ones every day from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The facility employs Video Visitation, enabling families to connect with inmates from any location in the world through a web-camera. Interested parties can establish an account for Video Visitation by visiting In addition, individuals can deposit funds into an inmate’s

account to facilitate phone calls or purchase commissary items.


Detention Facility: (928) 226-5200

Administration: (928) 226-5081 / (928) 226-5067

Telmate Customer Service: (866) 516-0115

Initial Court Appearance

At the Coconino County Jail, individuals are required to attend an Initial Appearance (IA) within 24 hours of their arrest. Those detained for misdemeanor offenses may be granted bond before their IA. However, those arrested for Felony charges are not permitted to post bail until after their IA. Typically, defendants appear before a judge through a video transmission during their IA.

Coconino County Jail Initial Court Appearance Schedule

Monday – Friday

Flagstaff Municipal Court starts 8:00-8:30 am

Flagstaff Justice Court starts 10:00 am


All Courts start at 8:00 am

Flagstaff Courts & Justice System

Flagstaff Municipal Court

 15 N. Beaver Street

 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

 (P) (928) 774-1401

 (F) (928) 556-1284

Flagstaff Justice Court

 200 N. San Francisco St.

 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

 (P) (928) 779-6806

 (F) (928) 779-6744

Williams Justice Court

 700 W. Railroad Ave.

 Williams, AZ 86046

 (P) (928) 635-2691

 (F) (928) 635-4463

Fredonia Justice Court

 P.O. Box 559

 Fredonia, AZ 86022

 (P) (928) 643-7472

 (F) (928) 643-7491

Page Justice Court

 547 Vista Avenue

 Page, AZ 86040

 (P) (928) 645-8871

 (F) (928) 645-1869

coconino County Attorney

Flagstaff Municipal Prosecutor

 211 W. Aspen

 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

 (P) (928) 779-7680

 (F) (928) 913-3204

Coconino County Prosecutor

Coconino County Attorneys Office

 110 E. Cherry

 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

 (P) (928) 679-8200

 (F) (928) 679-8201

Apache County Sheriff Department

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office comprises four major units: Administration (Command Staff), Operations (Patrol and Criminal Investigations), Detention Services, and Administrative / Support Services. The units work closely together in a cooperative and teamwork-oriented manner. The organization recognizes the importance of self-development, acknowledging individual achievements and contributions, and empowering employees to use their talents. The Sheriff’s Office encourages input and involvement from individuals throughout the organization in the decision-making process and emphasizes the importance of teamwork to achieve their mission of serving the community.


Overview of Coconino County

Located in the north-central region of Arizona, Coconino County is a county with a population of 145,101 people according to the 2020 census. The county seat is Flagstaff, and the county is named after the Havasupai people’s term Cohonino. With a total area of 18,661 square miles (48,300 km2), it is the second-largest county in the contiguous United States, only behind San Bernardino County, California. Coconino County is larger than each of the nine smallest states in the United States, comprising 16.4% of Arizona’s total area.

The county encompasses the Flagstaff metropolitan statistical area, the Grand Canyon National Park, and parts of the Navajo, Hualapai, and Hopi nations, in addition to the federally recognized Havasupai Nation. The county is home to a relatively large Native American population, accounting for almost 30% of its total population, mostly consisting of Navajo, with smaller numbers from other tribes. Coconino County also served as the setting for George Herriman’s early 20th-century comic strip, Krazy Kat.


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Coconino County Jail / Flagstaff Jail

951/911 E. Sawmill Road

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

(P) (928) 774-4523