Sussex County Jail

The Sussex Correctional Institution (SCI) is located in Georgetown, Delaware. Opened in 1931, SCI is one of Delaware’s oldest correctional facilities. SCI houses maximum, medium, and minimum security inmates. SCI houses an all-male population.

A major expansion project was recently completed at SCI. Between April 1997 and April 2000, 760 beds were added to the facility for a total capacity of 1,109 beds. The expansion brought the total capacity of the institution to 1206.

Several programs designed to facilitate rehabilitative efforts are in place at SCI. These programs include educational opportunity, vocational training, work assignments, spiritual/religious opportunity and a variety of other classes and programming. SCI also offers the Road to Recovery (R2R) treatment program. The Road to Recovery retains the Therapeutic Community model, an industry best practice which has proven to be effective.


Visitation protocols

Inmates at Sussex Correctional Institution are permitted to receive visitors on certain days and times as scheduled by the facility.

 Saturday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

 Sunday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

When visiting an inmate at Sussex Correctional Institution, visitors can bring up to 60 dollars in cash in a clear plastic Ziploc bag to purchase tokens. These tokens can be used to buy items from Delaware State Prison-approved vendors within the visiting room. To learn more about the visitation policies and procedures, individuals can contact Sussex Correctional Institution directly at 302-856-5280.


posting a mail/package

When admitted to Sussex Correctional Institution, Delaware State Prison inmates’ contact with the outside world is usually limited. However, they can send and receive mail from their loved ones. But, there are restrictions on who they can exchange letters with, limited to individuals on the Sussex Correctional Institution’s visitor list. Sending mail to other Delaware State inmates, current or former Sussex Correctional Institution employees/volunteers, or victims of Delaware State Prison detainees requires approval from the Sussex Correctional Institution Manager.

Sussex Correctional Institution inmates can also receive greeting cards from Delaware State Prison inmates’ friends and relatives, as long as they do not contain electronics or have multiple layers. Envelopes of the mail and cards delivered to Sussex Correctional Institution must not have stickers, glue, glitter,

lipstick, or perfume. Delaware State Prison inmates are prohibited from using stamps, and can only use the ones provided by Sussex Correctional Institution.

All mail received by Sussex Correctional Institution is reviewed by the correctional officers for contraband. Legal mail can only be inspected in the presence of the recipient inmate, and the staff members are not allowed to read the content.

Alternatively, you can use JPAY’s electronic mail service to send mail, which will be printed and delivered to the Sussex Correctional Institution inmate.


photo sending guidelines for inmates

Visitors can send photographs to inmates in Delaware State Prison as long as they measure 4″x6″. The staff at Sussex Correctional Institution’s mail room receives all pictures and reviews them to ensure they meet the Delaware State Prison’s recommended standard. To send pictures to Delaware State Prison inmates, visitors should include the Delaware State Prison offender’s name and identification number on the back of the photo and their name and return address on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope addressed to Sussex Correctional Institution.

The Sussex Correctional Institution inmate’s address should be as follows:

Delaware State Prison Inmate’s Name, ID Number

Sussex Correctional Institution

23203 Dupont Blvd, Georgetown, DE, 19947 or

[Inmate’s name]

Sussex Correctional Institution

[Building & Tier where inmate is housed]

P.O. Box 500

Georgetown DE 19947

[Inmate’s SBI Number]


sending inmate money

At Sussex Correctional Institution, you can send money to a loved one who is a Delaware State Prison inmate. The funds are accessed through the inmate’s personal trust account and can be used to purchase items from the commissary or pay off outstanding debts, restitution, or court fines.

To send money to a Sussex Correctional Institution inmate, you must provide their name, ID number, and current location. You can deposit money using JPAY and will be charged a fee when using a debit or credit card.


inmate phone calls

Delaware State Prison inmates in Sussex Correctional Institution can make outgoing calls to individuals who are on the approved call list at Sussex Correctional Institution. To receive a call, you must set up an account with Securus, the phone service provider for Delaware’s correctional facilities. You can call 302-856-5280 or visit the Securus website to set up your account over the phone. Securus Tech will charge you a standard fee for each call the Sussex Correctional 


Institution inmate makes to you, in addition to a monthly call account maintenance fee. If you have any additional questions about Sussex Correctional Institution’s phone services, you can contact the facility by visiting their offices at  23203 Dupont Blvd,  Georgetown, DE, 19947, or by calling 302-856-5280.


programs for inmates

Delaware State Prison inmates have the opportunity to participate in various apprenticeship programs offered by Sussex Correctional Institution to acquire new skills that can be useful in their professional lives. These apprenticeship courses cover a range of skills, including painting, plumbing, refrigeration, electrical wiring, masonry, culinary arts, and carpentry. Additionally, Sussex Correctional Institution provides professional training in automotive technologies, computer-assisted drafting, and warehouse operations within the facility.


sussex county sheriff department

Sussex County Sheriff Office

P.O. Box 948

Georgetown, DE 19947

Phone:  (302) 855-7830

overview of sussex county

Sussex County is a county located in the southern part of Delaware, situated on the Delmarva Peninsula. As of the 2020 census, the county’s population was 237,378, and the county seat is Georgetown. The first European settlement in Delaware was established by the Dutch in 1631 near present-day Lewes on the Atlantic Coast. However, Sussex County was not established until 1683 under English colonial rule. The county is included in the Salisbury, MD-DE Metropolitan Statistical Area, which covers much of central Delmarva. 

Archaeological findings suggest that the first inhabitants of Sussex County arrived between 10,000 and 14,000 years ago. Various indigenous cultures occupied the area, particularly along the river and coast, and often had seasonal fishing villages. The historic Native Americans in Sussex County were mostly members of Algonquian-speaking tribes, as were most coastal peoples along the Atlantic Coast. By the time of European contact, the most prominent tribes in the area were the Lenape and Nanticoke.

The people settled near bodies of water where they could harvest fish, oysters, and other shellfish in the fall and winter. During the warmer months, the women

planted and cultivated crops, while the men hunted deer and other small mammals. There is no consensus on which European group was the first to settle

in Sussex County. Historians believe that Swedish explorers were likely the first Europeans to see the Delaware River and the lands of present-day Sussex County during the early years of exploration from 1593 to 1630.

In 1609, Henry Hudson recorded the discovery of what was later named the Delaware River, and in 1610, Samuel Argall, an English explorer, landed in a strange bay which he named after the Governor of Virginia, Thomas West, Lord De La Warr, while attempting to follow Hudson. In the first half of 1613, Cornelius

Jacobsen Mey, a Dutch navigator, discovered and named both Cape May and Cape Henlopen (originally Hindlopen) in the Delaware Bay. It was later discovered

that what May had named Henlopen was Fenwick Island, protruding into the Atlantic Ocean, and the name of the cape was moved to its present location just east of Lewes.


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